Much of our work for the past 25 years has been for concerts series & festivals that feature primarily acoustic instrumentation.

Here are some of the annual & past events we've worked with in that field;

Susanville Bluegrass Festival
Plumas Homegrown Americana Festival
Acoustic Guitar Magazine- Acoustic Cafe
NCBS- Bluegrass On Broadway
Bowers Mansion Bluegrass Festival
CBA- Bluegrass at the Grange
Sonoma County Bluegrass & Folk Festival
Walker Creek Music Camps
L&S Prod- Bluegrassin' in the Foothills
Parkfield Bluegrass Festival
Freemark Abbey Bluegrass & Americana Festival
Cloverdale Fiddle Contest
CBA Summer Music Camp
Fathers Day Bluegrass Festival(Vern's Stage & Bluegrass Pioneers Stage).
NCBS- Good Old Fashioned Bluegrass Festival
Kings River Bluegrass Festival
Redwood Bluegrass Associates Concert Series

Paul has also toured as road manager & sound engineer for
The David Grisman Quintet, Blue Highway, Laurie Lewis, Psychograss, Turtle Island String Quartet, Mike Marshall & Choro Famoso.

And as bass player for; The Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band, David Nelson's Almost Acoustic, Jim Lauderdale, Perfect Strangers......


"If your running sound we don't need a sound check." Tony Rice - DGQ 25th anniversary set Wintergrass 2001.

"You can't imagine how important it is for an acoustic musician to hear their instrument on stage as it would sound acoustically and for the audience to hear them as they sound acoustically, not as electric instruments. Paul has the magic gift for doing this."
Roger Siminoff - Fretboard Journal 

"Speaking of music, the sound set the tone for the event. Good sound makes good music good to listen to. "
Pete Felix- Bid Sur Bluegrass Festival review.

"Being a trained musician before anything else... my ears are still happy...That doesn't happen very often at outdoor shows."
Eliote Durham, Producer- Bluegrass for the Greenbelt.

"I'm always amazed how something so important to the outcome can be so invisible."
Ernie Notar- Greenbelt Alliance

"We depend on you every year and you always deliver. The bands love've been a big part of our success."
Connie Moxness & Dave Swartz- Producers, Parkfield Bluegrass Festival

"...every note and sound we made was placed precisely into our ears like a friendly whisper. It's hard to exaggerate how wonderful that is." Bruce Campbell- Bluegrass musician.

"Many thanks for a second festival of clear, feedback free, beautiful sound... and that was true no matter where the listener sat."
Wendy Stockton, Bluegrass Society of the Central Coast. 

"...when we were singing "Bury Me in Bluegrass" I was totally blown away by how rich the vocal trio sounded. You were nailing it!"  Laurie Lewis

"Why can't all monitors sound like this?" James King- Wolf Mt.

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